100 WC#1

I thought it would be easy, but how could we? He  was staring at me like what was this? I had to make an escape because it  had to be good to get past this guy. He had people making sure he wouldn’t move or pull a muscle, but than finally we could make a start to escape because  he was yelling at someone because he feed him a grape without skin. I told  them to go behind me so I could make a distraction. I flicked the grapes up and said oops  what clumsy me. I quickly ran away. What a save.

Maths Mate T3 Q22 S4

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about adding up numbers to get to a certain value.

Read: Four consecutive numbers add up to 94. What are the four numbers?

Clarifications: None

Toolbox:Guess, check and improve

BIG question: What are the four consecutive numbers?

Solution: Use trial and error to eventually find out the numbers are 22, 23, 24 and 25.

Math Matee S3 T3

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition.

Read: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was to test all possibilities.

Big question: The big question is what are the three numbers.

Solve: Firstly, I knew that 30 x 3 was 90, so then I knew that all I had to do was find three consecutive numbers added together to equal six and add one to each 30. 1, 2 and 3 equalled 6, so I added them to 30. The answer I got was 31, 32 and 33.

Summary: This problem was easy to solve if you knew addition.a

Unit Goals: Extreme Weather


 Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

 I will understand that sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

 I will have a understanding that Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to solve problems that directly affect peoples’ lives.

Unit Learning Goal 3: Science

I will know how to, with guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.


 Unit Learning Goal 4: Reading and viewing

I will navigate and read texts for specific purposes applying appropriate text processing strategies, for example predicting and confirming, monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning


Unit Learning Goal 5: Writing

I will expand my knowledge of reread and edit students’ own and others’ work using agreed criteria and explaining editing choice.


Personal Learning Goals: During this unit,

I will make sure that I contribute in class more and put my hand up if I am stuck on something.

I would like to keep my focus on learning more and more about language and grammar.




The lost land

Have you ever felt lost and no one would try to find you? I was sitting on the bus praying for us to win. When we got there we got of the bus and ran to the court ready for a exciting game. We made a game plan to play strong and to WIN . We stuck to it and got the first goal at this point I was feeling abit dizzy then something happened.

I fell styraight to the ground but only a referee and some girl came to help me. I was unsure what the girls name was but she asked if I was ok. As the referee took me to the chair i didn’t respond because I was in pain. They continued playing the game as I sat on the chair, I looked over at the floor and something was wrong. I limped over with my ankle hurting and I fell right next to the hole, I tried to get a look but I fell right through. I felt like Alice In Wonderland.

I fell on a rose petal and noticed that either things had grown really big or I had shrunk. I walked over to a small house in the middle of nowhere. I knocked on the door but no-one responded so I creeped through the gap.”Hello, hello” I said. I heard someone talking so i tried to follow their voice. Then  an old rabbet come out of the blue.”Do you know I might be”I said. He looked at me weirdly and pushed me out saying “Go, go, go, straight out” I walked over to a tree and then glanced at the ground, I saw a path going to a deep forest. I walked very slowly down the path, because I saw some smoke , I wafted it away from my face and saw a very little caterpillar with some burnt toast. I said politely ” Do you know where I am?” He looked at me weirdly and said “Beg my pardon, I thought you were the garden” I then replied “Sorry, am I disturbing you?” he pointed to a sign and said “You are in the Lost Land of Dreams” I read the sign and it said ‘Exit from Lost Land of Dreams’.

I walked through the dark tunnel and saw the girl who was helping me before. She  asked me again “How are you?” and I said “I’ve never been better” Has this ever happened to you?

BTN: What you eating?

3  recalls: Diabetes is made because your pancreas does not presages  insulin.

They are 2 types of diabetes  type 1 is when you are born with it and type 2  is when you get it when your older.

Every kid should have no more then 2 tea  spoons of sugar a day.

2 understandings: I understand that diabetes is a  very bad thing sometime.

Types 2 of  diabetes will occur when you don’t eat well and get a daily  exercise.


1 question: Can you  get  diabetes when you are young.


Here is a link to BTN :http://www.abc.net.au/btn/

Maths Mate Q22 T3

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition.Read: The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two numbers?

Clarify: No

Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was to work backwards.

Big question: The big question is what two consecutive numbers equal 97?

Solve: Firstly, I divided 90 by 2, which was 45. Then I knew that 4 and 3 was 7, and they were consecutive, so I added them onto 45 and 45 so that the two numbers were now 48 and 49, and when added together they were 97. So the answer is 48 and 49.

Summary: This problem was quite easy to solve if you knew what the word consecutive meant.

Pie charts

In class we have been leaning about pie chats. We had to get into groups and to a   student serve. I was in a group with Ore and Erica and Melina. We  ask students which of theirs are you favorite from Harry Potter, The fault in our stars , Divergent and How to train your dragon. The fault in our stars and How to train your dragon.  got the most votes.


   Harry potter The fault in our stars    Divergent How to train your dragon          Total
            5             9             2               9          25












5/25  X  360°

= 5/25 X 360°/1


=    72°


9/25  X 360°

=9/25  X 360° 1


=     130°

2/25  X 360°

=2/25  X  360°/1


=  28°

9/25  X 360°

=9/25  X 360°/1


=     130°







Pie Chart for Favourite Movies


100 WC#38

We all try ed to find  a way out of here but it was far too hot to find anything it like every thing had meted. We try ed to yell  help but no one was here because it was far too hot , so we then try ed to make a partition but no  it was far too hot. I was out of ideas  so i look around in till i saw that , what is that you ask it a watering can but  it all over they.So i jumped a far as i can but i thought it was but i jumped  30 Cm .