GTAC Reflection Lesson 1

On the 6th of May all of the year 5/6 s  went to the science lab.For the lesson with GTAC ,we meet 2 science Chris and Maria.We learnt  about solids and liquids,because the 5/6 s have been leaning about the 4 state of matter which are solids ,liquids ,gas and palms.

GTAC  come to us because we wanted to explore the topic more.Our lesson was to explore and explain why solids and liquids behaves differently .We first stared the lesson by talking about what solids and liquids are .Through out the lesson we did experiments, one of them was to get all of the play dough  particles from one side of the room to to the other  using tongs and a cup

A solids atoms are tightly packed together because the atoms need to be packed  tight to keep its sharp. Golden syrup is like water, but  the atoms are attracted  for a longer time that is why it is sticky.Atoms can not be remade .

I  understand  more about the 4 states of matter and how they work  for example solids can be melted in to liquid  and liquid can be freezes into ice.


Some questions   i have are can you lose the 72% of water in you body?  Can  atoms be damaged?