On the 31 of October/Halloween all of the not band peoples went to GTAC  Gene Technology Access Center . I will tell you about the best part about  it and why  it was.

The best part was when i got my badges because i got a  question right about  XX chromosomes and  XY chromosomes.  These are biological signatures which determines a specie if it is a male or a female. A male has XY chromosomes while a female has XX chromosomes and that was the best part of GTAC

xx = female
xy = male

That was the best part of GTAC  go look at lee’s blog for more information

My body My life reflection

What were the 3 most important thing l ve leant  about my resect skill since completing this project ?

1 of my skill  for research is bibliography. it was the first thing that I thought about .Because  I thought I give  myself a chilling. To add to it and to not fogged falling it in . Another skill was to tack more  notes   when I  was read a  pic of text or jest skimming . The  last skill was note copy thing and  jest but  it in my own words.

how can I improve my group   skill ?

maybe  talk about my ideas ore .I don’t say what or how we could do some. I think I am a little  better shy.

What goals  do I have for  semester two in regaled to my integrated studies ?

Are to spike clearer when pestering or jest specking to the class and not to stubble when I am specking.


Project Reflection

Make a list of most important things  you learnt.

During this project I gained a lot of  knowledge and facts on China. One of  the  key things that I learnt about was Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist leader founder of people’s republic of China.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

I can now locate or gather more information about the topic and then put  it into my own words, for example  if I had the text : China is one of the biggest contry in the world , I could put that in my own word  such as: One of the biggest country   in the world is China

What or what help you?

One of the main thing that help me  locate my information was  the internet and all of the  website. I used the internet to gather my information  what I have in my project .There  was quite a few people  who help me with me project  and one of them was Lauren , She was doing China as will as me  so we help each another  out but we did not get the same information

3 facts

1 In 1962 they was 665.77 million  in China and in 2011 was 1.3441 billon

2 in chia you are only a lode to have 1 kid

3 you star school at 6 and finish at 15

2 understandings

1 I know that china  is a very rich  country

2 they sale a lot of thing to Australians

1 Wondering

1 what will China be in 20 years ?


swimming sports

On  wednesday the 13th February 2013. The whole school went to Queens park swimming pool for a swimming carnival. At 9.00 o’clock am all of the 3-6 went to there houses, I am in banks so banks went to 5/6A room.

We spent 30 minutes seeing what events we where in I was in 7 events, so then it was time to go. We walked to the pool and we put are stuff down and then we put our tent up.We got ready for the first event. I was in the next one 100m freestyle , I can 3rd and then i was 100m backstroke and got 1st,  4th in breaststroke, then the relays , we  got 3rd, next relay we got 4th.  We had the cork scabble, then we backed up and walked back to school.

Then we had assembly banks came 1st for 1-2, banks came 1st 3-4, banks came 2nd 5-6.  Then the bell went we all went home, thats was a very good day.