They should not build the High-rise

Dear Moonee Valley City Council,

I strongly believe that the Council should NOT  build the high-rise building on Moonee Valley Race cores . Because of all of the dusted and there will be a lot of plashing  around the school  and all of the house. The view for the city .


When we are going for recess and lunch they will be a lot of dust and  when we go to eat they  will be dust on owe food. And it’s not good when we go to breath in the dust . So    I think that  is why they should no build the high-rise building.


when they are making the building they will need wood and other materials so they going to get tracks. Tracks   makes a lot of pluton and that will  get into  the air and  that’s smoke and dusted .So that is why they should not build the high-rise  building

when they have   finished it will take away  the view of the city ,Some people  move around there for the view of  new year , city light’s and chinaes new year . My  friend like to look at the  city light at night, so when the light are blocked  she will have nothing to look up to at night. So that is why they  should not build a high-rise building