What i learnt

3 new things you learnt today

1. I learnt more about  editing  and self edit

2. I learnt about apostrophise and where they go and what they are used for

3.I learnt about the way you could put  an apostrophise  in a world


3 things you still need help with

1. I still need help with  my  editing  and rending I little thing to put in my work

2.I still need help with my  using of my world’s  so I can make seems when I am using  a apostrophise

3.I still need help with  use  apostrophise because I know more about it a where it go.


3 things you could teach someone else about punctuation

1. I could teach someone what is an apostrophise  and what it is .

2. I could teach someone  how to self edit you work

3. I could teach someone how there are different  was of putting it in to a scented