Unit Goals: Extreme Weather


 Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

 I will understand that sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

 I will have a understanding that Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to solve problems that directly affect peoples’ lives.

Unit Learning Goal 3: Science

I will know how to, with guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.


 Unit Learning Goal 4: Reading and viewing

I will navigate and read texts for specific purposes applying appropriate text processing strategies, for example predicting and confirming, monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning


Unit Learning Goal 5: Writing

I will expand my knowledge of reread and edit students’ own and others’ work using agreed criteria and explaining editing choice.


Personal Learning Goals: During this unit,

I will make sure that I contribute in class more and put my hand up if I am stuck on something.

I would like to keep my focus on learning more and more about language and grammar.