Letter to Liz

About me

Dear Liz,

Hi I am Lydia and I am 10 years old and these are some thing you shod know about me.

I am   bright student   I look for the positive side I love to learn. I love P.E   ( Why ) I am  a big sporter  I  give myself  a challenge to try to win but it not all about the wining I have to try. I love basketball my second sister plays it. I love art to ( Why) I love to be free and  just put it on a piece of paper . I love performing art I love to act and to be so amusing for my talent.  I am good at Maths but not the best .  I like to solve problems.


The things  I  am not the best at are spelling  but last year  Lee Pregnell gave me words to sound out and learn  but I just need a little more practice. Reading I am very good at  but still  need a bit of practice.


Now,  I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 kitten and  1 fish. 2 real sisters and two  stepsister’s  one of them is lilli blade . I live with my mum and sisters in Avondale Heig

about me

Hi my name is Lydia I am 10 year old and I am a grad 4.My interested in  leaning, music,sleeping and  food. I love  my family and friends my favorite spot is hip hop and Basketball. My favorite food is  Carbonara   and Raspberry My nick  name is  Lyd  Lydia Bob Spider man and my favorite  place  are highpoint school home bed New York USA. thank you Lydia out