100 WC #2

I walk down the old street as I felt all the cry’s for help. I felt like a needed something  I wanted my family I wanted to feel loved and welcome but how could I the worlds being taking over by Zombies but than I felt a bit of hope the sun shined on a flower and  the flower blossomed. But it is yellow my Mum’s favourite colour, but I want let that take me down I had a protect myself, my town and my world. How could I when the people I depended on was gone all of them gone.

100 WC#1

I thought it would be easy, but how could we? He  was staring at me like what was this? I had to make an escape because it  had to be good to get past this guy. He had people making sure he wouldn’t move or pull a muscle, but than finally we could make a start to escape because  he was yelling at someone because he feed him a grape without skin. I told  them to go behind me so I could make a distraction. I flicked the grapes up and said oops  what clumsy me. I quickly ran away. What a save.

100 WC#34

I  was on the edge of my set  I had to go,but where could I go. A or B I had a feeling it was A but   could I trust my instincts they  have got me nowhere but, I dont i cant ‘A’  I said. No what have I done I was standing   near A I looked over to B  where could I go . I took 3 deep breathes 1,2 and 3, ok it was  now or never A or B  I looked to the ground A I said I  crossed my fingers hoping for luck I walk over  and open the door… bubble gun dam it  instincts.

100 WC # 24

The little  mermaid fall in love prince Erick but he was a human and Ariel was a mermaid  so she  had an idea if i ask the witch nicely she might with me leg .so she ask  the witch “can i have a pair of leg”  she gave Ariel an evil    look   and said “OK”she got her wish come true but she didn’t know they would wear  of. When she went on a dates with prince Erick her tail grew back. She jumped into the water and said they could not be together. The prince went to a wizard and asked to be a merman so they lived happily ever after.

100 wc #24

I don’t  know tell me “you will have to find the way” Hannah said to me   but i don’t know where and how, can you help me, I ran as fast as i could to find a hole, what? i walk over to see the hole i fall i felt like  Alice and wonderland once i touched the bottom   i look around  i was in the middle of the earth i had to push my way through the earth i was pushing and digging for an hour intil i got to the end i was in Australia, had did i get here!    

100WC #22

As I walk over to the light I stop  what am I doing. I walk over  to someone a ask “where are we”  he just look at me and then keep on walking.So i walk straight   a head  and then  I  herd something “Maya” a then  it got louder “Maya” I look over it  was Hannah . She  was my roommate,  she was in the bushes  I walk over “what are you doing “I said .”Be quiet” she said,so I lock my lip  something going on she said  .what going on  were is everybody going ,you  don’t know  LOOK.

100WC #21

Breaking news! Meetings were held across the world  to find an answer “How could this be true  we  don’t know what to do! THE WORLDS GOING TO END!”

“This is rubbish,” I said looking at the newspaper.

I am Maya  I moved to America to make my dream  come true. But so far no good luck.  Everyone is closed in New York a place of dreams but mine  isn’t coming true. But then something happen  the grand start shaking, I look around people gasping for air. I started  to cock  I fall to the ground,  I could hardly see. The world turned red. I look around, what happened?  

100 WC# 13

“ARR’ we shouted    as big barf   come towards us,luck push me making me knock in to big  barf  ” What are you doing at my house ” he said ‘ to to say hi” i  said stumbled  . As Luke was hiding behind me. He grad my arm  and behind me in slid .I squinted my eyes closed and opened one i saw a tea party  I blinked 3 times but it wasn’t a dream   he said sat down and pored my a glass of tea i look at the tea and it look nice and he said it was mint  i smiled and sipped and know that he wasn’t so tough after all.

100 WC #12

Dear Children,


I i so sorry for you and what i have  done  . I hope that  you and your family  can forgive me , i am trying to mark  it better for you and me.So  that you and me can put this behind  us.But i just want to mark it better for you and me  i will never  forgive myself but if you do i will know that i can  hope that we could be friends  again.You chanced my point of  life, you are one of a kind and i will nerve    fort you


From Dr Henry


P.S. thank  for all 🙂

100 wc #29

I was playing netball on  the cort on 10 of may 2013. On fist half I had to be GK and I was defending I than had a plan in my am because of but it up for so long I than got roband and passed  it to Cindy . I was going good and than 2 half come i become c so i passed to Lilli she tan passed it to Cindy and than me an than to Rebecca and shot it want like this for a  the half