Recount of Rosehill Secondary College

Yesterday I and other people going to Rosehill next year got a bit of a taste of year 7, Because it was our orientation day. We started the day by getting into our home groups. I was in 7A with the two other people from my school which were Lilli.B and Layla.N. After getting into our home groups we went into a classroom to get a booklet about next year. Then we went to the year twelve study room to start our literacy test. We had to answer questions that were on the sheet to tell them what we know and what we need to know. We spent 40 minutes on the test and once we had finished it was time to have recess to interact with other students that are having the same experience.

After recess we meet up at the assembly area so the performance study teacher could take us for our lesson. We first started the lesson with a game, it was called wax museum. It was when everyone was a wax statue and two people were the guards making sure everything was in place. When the guards were not looking the wax statue could tap them on the back and then the guards become the wax statue and the wax statues become the guards.It was really fun. and after that we reacted a scene form the Simpsons. So we got into groups of four and started to practice the scene. After 10 minutes of practicing we then performed it in front of the class.

Then it was time for lunch. We talked and played until it was time to meet at the assembly area again. Then we went back to the year twelve area to do our numeracy test. We spent another 40 minutes on the test and we had to answer 40 questions. After that we went to our Italian class. We touched base on the simple things, example; Ciao, Mi chiamo and many more. We played Bingo with numbers and animals. After that lesson we went to the assembly area because he teachers wanted to give a speech about how they are looking forward for us to come to Rosehill Secondary College.


BINGE BINGE BINGE as the  busier  went off.I knew it was over.”2 shouts” the refery said.Come on I said to myself I held the ball as right as it gets , I shout the ball its going,its going no.I knew I had to get this in to be drad with the other team.Now this is it I trout it, as it rolled around the hope all giving us like it sway out of the ring.I walk out in shame how could this day get worst.

OK I spork to soon as i got out  of the car i thought a hippopotamus was coming towards  me but is was just my antes Sahel giving me a big  kiss. She sand my creek with her plasming red lip stick


6 Room Poetry

Today we learnt about  the 6 rooms process.I will show you what they are and how to use them.

Room 1:  Think of something that is amazing, beautiful or interesting. Describe it   

Room 2:  Look at the same image but write about the colours, how dose it  look ?

Room 3: What can you hear ?voice?silence?movement?lonely?peaceful?

Room 4:Do you have any questions about your image?What do you want to know more about?What do you wonder about? 

Room 5: What are  you feeling

Room 6: Look  over your previous rooms and ideas and chose a word , a line or a phrase that sounds important and repeat it 3 times


Sun shines off the water 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Water free


xxxxxxxxxxSSJHF Colours 


   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILD




xxxxxxxxxxSSJH Trees 


dnnnndnnddndndndnndnddnWater splashing  off the  rock









 sgfdduygeriewdsjjsssssssssssssssssssssssssssjsssssssssssssssssssssssBut where am I ?



Maths Mate S6 Q22 T4

Predict: I predict that this question will be about  money and multiplication.

Read: Which deal cost less per metre? A) $1.50 for 15 metres B) $5.00 for 45 metres

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was to work backwards

Big question: The big question is what deal costs less per metre

Solve: First, I multiplied 15 by 3, because that then equalled 45. Then, because I had multiplied 15 metres by 3, I multiplied the price, $1.50 by 3. That was $4.50, so it was less than deal B, $5 for 45 metres, and therefore better value.

Summary: It might been hard until you figure it out, so good luck

Gilbert’s Ghost Train Reflection

5638514Team 3 was when all the 5/6s did Literacy Circles. Literacy Circles is when a group 6-7 people have set jobs there are Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Connector, Passage Master, Captain or Contessa of Comprehension and  Tally Master.They are set a job and have to do there work every week and  on one day of they come together and have a Discussion of what the had read for the week.

The Discussion Director is the leader of the group and gives 5-6 question a per week.The Word Watcher picks 5 new vocabulary from that weeks reading,the Connector makes personal  connector each week. Passage Master find a 2 paragraphs and tells why he/her thought it was interesting, Captain or Contessa of Comprehension think of 4 questions that involve either a Right there question, Think and search question or an on my own. Tally Master keeps track on the homework.

The way we presented our book was a podcast. A podcast is a interview with all the characters and we also did a quiz about the book and to see who knows more the characters, readers or the author and turns out the characters know more.The way we presented our book was a podcast. A podcast is a interview with all the characters and we also did a quiz about the book and to see who knows more the characters, readers or the author and turns out the characters know more.

Maths Mate S3 Q23 T4

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition.

Read: Fill in the magic square. [Hint: Every row, column and diagonal has the same sum.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was prior knowledge.

Big question: The big question is what are the missing numbers in the magic square.

Solve: Firstly, I worked out that all the numbers that were in a row made 18, and those numbers were 8, 6 and 4. Next to the 8 there was 7, so I added 3 to make 18. After that, it was easy going because I knew basic addition.

Summary: This problem was quite easy to solve if you knew basic addition of numbers.

100 WC #2

I walk down the old street as I felt all the cry’s for help. I felt like a needed something  I wanted my family I wanted to feel loved and welcome but how could I the worlds being taking over by Zombies but than I felt a bit of hope the sun shined on a flower and  the flower blossomed. But it is yellow my Mum’s favourite colour, but I want let that take me down I had a protect myself, my town and my world. How could I when the people I depended on was gone all of them gone.

Read like a writer

Today in class we learnt to read like a writer. We learnt  to point out ideas, organization, voice,  word choice, sentence fluency and convention. They all play a very big role when you writing and we learnt to find these in a piece of writing.


It had a normal setting but with a scary, old train and a boy tiring to find out if its haunted.


The opening line hocked me in straight away and made we think of questions like why don’t they get  rid of the train? is they train haunted?


The author’s voice made it interesting  that he made you feel calm and made you want to feel  like you need to read on.

Word choice:

The author used the perfect would to set the scene. He used the word in a interesting why.

Sentence Fluency:

The author made the sentence small so you didn’t  have to ran out of breath because it was a came seance and not so intense.

Convention :

The author used the right grammar and spelling through out the story.And used the right words for the right seance.

Goal Reflection:

If the scene was intense , I would make the sentence longer to make the reader breathless so they could feel the intensity.I would also have ellipsis, they are when a charter is thinking on unsure about something. The author  had a hocking start .When you are starting a story, you need to have a hocking start to involved the reader  and make the reader want more

Literacy Circle term 3 Quiz

LYDIA: Wasn’t that an amazing interview, but I have something ease install for you. we have a little bit of quiz for you. You have 10 seconds to answer the question that I have gave you . Now I understand that the character might know a little bit more but let’s see. Ready ,settee and go.  1 question, who died on the last pages. Yes, David. erica That’s easy, Dally. Lydia you are correct, 1 point goes to the author.2 question who tells the story’s to Martin.  yes Giblet theo Obviously Dally. lydiaincorrect it was YOU moving on. 3 question what disease does Dally have? Yes Samantha sam Leukaemia. Lydia you are correct, 1 point goes to the reader. OK let move over the 4 question why did martin think gilbert was a ghost? Katheren:  because he wore old fashion things. lydia Yes great job  1 point goes to the charters. Now to own 5 question who was the doctors name martin: Bryce doctor claireeeeeeeeeeee……sigh. LydiaOK that was akward moving on ok this is own last question what was the name of the town? Katheren Oh! Oh! I live in Triggerton! lydia Yes you are correct ok let me