Recount of Rosehill Secondary College

Yesterday I and other people going to Rosehill next year got a bit of a taste of year 7, Because it was our orientation day. We started the day by getting into our home groups. I was in 7A with the two other people from my school which were Lilli.B and Layla.N. After getting into our home groups we went into a classroom to get a booklet about next year. Then we went to the year twelve study room to start our literacy test. We had to answer questions that were on the sheet to tell them what we know and what we need to know. We spent 40 minutes on the test and once we had finished it was time to have recess to interact with other students that are having the same experience.

After recess we meet up at the assembly area so the performance study teacher could take us for our lesson. We first started the lesson with a game, it was called wax museum. It was when everyone was a wax statue and two people were the guards making sure everything was in place. When the guards were not looking the wax statue could tap them on the back and then the guards become the wax statue and the wax statues become the guards.It was really fun. and after that we reacted a scene form the Simpsons. So we got into groups of four and started to practice the scene. After 10 minutes of practicing we then performed it in front of the class.

Then it was time for lunch. We talked and played until it was time to meet at the assembly area again. Then we went back to the year twelve area to do our numeracy test. We spent another 40 minutes on the test and we had to answer 40 questions. After that we went to our Italian class. We touched base on the simple things, example; Ciao, Mi chiamo and many more. We played Bingo with numbers and animals. After that lesson we went to the assembly area because he teachers wanted to give a speech about how they are looking forward for us to come to Rosehill Secondary College.

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