Maths Mate S3 Q23 T4

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition.

Read: Fill in the magic square. [Hint: Every row, column and diagonal has the same sum.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was prior knowledge.

Big question: The big question is what are the missing numbers in the magic square.

Solve: Firstly, I worked out that all the numbers that were in a row made 18, and those numbers were 8, 6 and 4. Next to the 8 there was 7, so I added 3 to make 18. After that, it was easy going because I knew basic addition.

Summary: This problem was quite easy to solve if you knew basic addition of numbers.

100 WC #2

I walk down the old street as I felt all the cry’s for help. I felt like a needed something  I wanted my family I wanted to feel loved and welcome but how could I the worlds being taking over by Zombies but than I felt a bit of hope the sun shined on a flower and  the flower blossomed. But it is yellow my Mum’s favourite colour, but I want let that take me down I had a protect myself, my town and my world. How could I when the people I depended on was gone all of them gone.

Read like a writer

Today in class we learnt to read like a writer. We learnt  to point out ideas, organization, voice,  word choice, sentence fluency and convention. They all play a very big role when you writing and we learnt to find these in a piece of writing.


It had a normal setting but with a scary, old train and a boy tiring to find out if its haunted.


The opening line hocked me in straight away and made we think of questions like why don’t they get  rid of the train? is they train haunted?


The author’s voice made it interesting  that he made you feel calm and made you want to feel  like you need to read on.

Word choice:

The author used the perfect would to set the scene. He used the word in a interesting why.

Sentence Fluency:

The author made the sentence small so you didn’t  have to ran out of breath because it was a came seance and not so intense.

Convention :

The author used the right grammar and spelling through out the story.And used the right words for the right seance.

Goal Reflection:

If the scene was intense , I would make the sentence longer to make the reader breathless so they could feel the intensity.I would also have ellipsis, they are when a charter is thinking on unsure about something. The author  had a hocking start .When you are starting a story, you need to have a hocking start to involved the reader  and make the reader want more