Literacy Circle term 3 Quiz

LYDIA: Wasn’t that an amazing interview, but I have something ease install for you. we have a little bit of quiz for you. You have 10 seconds to answer the question that I have gave you . Now I understand that the character might know a little bit more but let’s see. Ready ,settee and go.  1 question, who died on the last pages. Yes, David. erica That’s easy, Dally. Lydia you are correct, 1 point goes to the author.2 question who tells the story’s to Martin.  yes Giblet theo Obviously Dally. lydiaincorrect it was YOU moving on. 3 question what disease does Dally have? Yes Samantha sam Leukaemia. Lydia you are correct, 1 point goes to the reader. OK let move over the 4 question why did martin think gilbert was a ghost? Katheren:  because he wore old fashion things. lydia Yes great job  1 point goes to the charters. Now to own 5 question who was the doctors name martin: Bryce doctor claireeeeeeeeeeee……sigh. LydiaOK that was akward moving on ok this is own last question what was the name of the town? Katheren Oh! Oh! I live in Triggerton! lydia Yes you are correct ok let me


100 WC#1

I thought it would be easy, but how could we? He  was staring at me like what was this? I had to make an escape because it  had to be good to get past this guy. He had people making sure he wouldn’t move or pull a muscle, but than finally we could make a start to escape because  he was yelling at someone because he feed him a grape without skin. I told  them to go behind me so I could make a distraction. I flicked the grapes up and said oops  what clumsy me. I quickly ran away. What a save.