Pie charts

In class we have been leaning about pie chats. We had to get into groups and to a   student serve. I was in a group with Ore and Erica and Melina. We  ask students which of theirs are you favorite from Harry Potter, The fault in our stars , Divergent and How to train your dragon. The fault in our stars and How to train your dragon.  got the most votes.


   Harry potter The fault in our stars    Divergent How to train your dragon          Total
            5             9             2               9          25












5/25  X  360°

= 5/25 X 360°/1


=    72°


9/25  X 360°

=9/25  X 360° 1


=     130°

2/25  X 360°

=2/25  X  360°/1


=  28°

9/25  X 360°

=9/25  X 360°/1


=     130°







Pie Chart for Favourite Movies


100 WC#38

We all try ed to find  a way out of here but it was far too hot to find anything it like every thing had meted. We try ed to yell  help but no one was here because it was far too hot , so we then try ed to make a partition but no  it was far too hot. I was out of ideas  so i look around in till i saw that , what is that you ask it a watering can but  it all over they.So i jumped a far as i can but i thought it was but i jumped  30 Cm . 

What is rust (experiment)

  1. Why don’t some metals rust ?

– because they have different materials over them like aluminium dioxide

2. Why does it take some things longer then others to rust ?

– because they are made of different materials which can effect the process of rusting

  1. Why do materials rust?

-because they have iron on it making  the oxygen stick to the material and also when water has come in contact with it , it also makes   the material rust.

4. What does rust look like ?

– orange ,raged , brittle , It also is very weak and can be broken  easily and very  flaky

5. How can rust be prevented?

– by keeping it away from water and using paint, also by using a oil called WD40

6. can rust be harmful to your health?

–  It depends if you get cut then yes because the bacteria gets in to your blood stream get to your hart and make you really sick ( sometimes death )

7.Is there a good use to rust?

– yes there is a good use some designers like to put it into their artwork and it can turn out to be something very nice

8. Does iron in your blood rust?

– no it doesn’t rust because it is not the right sort of iron and it isn’t in contact with any liquids except your blood and that is what makes it so it can’t rust

Materials :

Nails (4)

beakers ( 4)


aluminium foil

WD40 oil spray


To find a way to prevent metal from rusting



  1. First get materials
  2. Get all four beakers then feel up with water (150ml)
  3. Cover one of your nails in WD40
  4. Cover another nail in paint
  5. Cover another nail in aluminium foil
  6. Put all in separate beakers
  7. Wait a week or two to find out the results


Independent variable Dependent variable Controlled variable control
The nail we coated in paint,The nail we sprayed with WD40,The nail we put aluminium foil on. We measure how different there rust amounts are over a period of a week The brand of nail,The same room,The amount of water,

The temp of water


Nail put into plain water ( nothing on it )

Letter (Draft)

Dear Minister of  Welfare


I ‘m writing to you  because of my concern around homeless  kids not getting enough education. Because  they need to lean so that we can  have more people employed. We also need to think about this,when you were young  you had food , clothes , beds and most of all homes.Think  how they are feeling n with no food , cloths and no bed and no homes .


The reason why i am concern about this situation is because sometimes when  you get force out or leave they home of different reasons. So they might  have to have to spot going to school , so they money to thing more important  for there living e.g food , water and clothes.It effects Australia because  kid are the next  denotation to our community. So we should not let this happen  and take care of homeless kids and everyone who might be homeless. How would you like it if you where sleeping on a wet , cold and hard bench with only a cold blanked. Begging for food and money.


There is 105 00 homeless people and 50 00 of them are under the age of 25. That means most of them didn’t get a education and half of them could get a job at their age, but would you employ them if they didn’t have a education. if it’s just a place they ca go three times a week so they can learn and they have the opportunity to make friends.

In conclusion I believe that we should make homeless kids get a better education and we should take care of all homeless people because that could be you or me out there so please think about them and make a change.

Sincerely  Lydia Marshall

Math MATE T2 S5 Q24

Predict: This question is going to be about determining the value of certain elements or items.

Read: Each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. If R = 8, what number does FOUR stand for?

Clarify:  No

Toolbox:  I guess , check and improved

BIG : What number does FOUR stand for?

Solution: The answer will eventually work out. The main trick in this question is just to read the key elements. R must equal 8. Different letters can’t have the same value and letters stick to their one specific worth.

Summary: This take a while but  you need to guess , check and improved t helps.