Problem Pictures Egg timer

Predict: We Predict this will be about time.

Read:  here is the link that we have looked on

Big question:How could you use the timer to measure 6 minutes?

My tool: Guess, check and improve

Answer: We didn’t understand  the question so we had a go and we thought each of the timers takes 1 minute for the sand to the top to the bottom.And that was our answer.

Summary: If your a very strong mathematicians you will understand this but Deanne and I wanted to challenge ourselves and we did a good job.

The Road to Federation : article


Henry Parkes   the Premier  of N.S.W.  wanted a  federation. Some  of the small colonists didn’t  want to do  agree  to this idea  because they wouldn’t have as much  say and would not have as much power.


The colonists did the same as the U.S.A  by making the house of representatives depending on the  number of people and the senate equal for each state.



The major problem Affecting Australian was the British parliament was still making the laws. They had to make a new Law  allowing federation. In may,  the British parliament passed  the  act and the queen signed it. It was a law that  Australia could be come a country.


Around  about this time there was a gold rush in Western Australia.  Many people went there to find gold to survive that age. This contact with people from the other colonies began to change ideas about federation.. In August 1900 a referendum was held, and the people of Western Australia voted to join the Commonwealth.


A special election called a referendum was held so that people in the colonies could vote on the constitution. Queensland and Western Australia did not take part, and in New South Wales it did not get approved. The premiers met in 1899 to find ways of meeting the concerns of those three colonies.


On  the 1st of January 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Sydney.









Maths Mate T1 S5

Predict: I predict that I will need to use addition in this problem.

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Find the big question: Which numbers go in the circles?

Solution:  first I need to find two numbers that add up to 15. I put a ten below the 15 and a 5 above the 15. 10+10=20, so i put the 10 on the other side of the 20. But 5 and 10 don’t equal 17. Start again.

What about 9 and 6? Ill put the nine below the 15 and the 6 above. 6 and what make 17? 11. So I’ll put the 11 below the 17. Check that every thing adds up: 6+9=15, 9+11=20, 6+11=15!


Summarise: the mathematicians toolbox strategy I used in this problem was break the problem into manageable parts.

Mast mate S4 T1

Predict: I predict this will be about weight.

Read: which to weights need to be swapped to balance the scale?

Big question: Which to weights need to swap to make it even ?

My tool: Guess check and improve.

Answer: 9 and 5.

Summary: It might tack some time but you will get there

100 WC # 24

The little  mermaid fall in love prince Erick but he was a human and Ariel was a mermaid  so she  had an idea if i ask the witch nicely she might with me leg .so she ask  the witch “can i have a pair of leg”  she gave Ariel an evil    look   and said “OK”she got her wish come true but she didn’t know they would wear  of. When she went on a dates with prince Erick her tail grew back. She jumped into the water and said they could not be together. The prince went to a wizard and asked to be a merman so they lived happily ever after.