100WC #21

Breaking news! Meetings were held across the world  to find an answer “How could this be true  we  don’t know what to do! THE WORLDS GOING TO END!”

“This is rubbish,” I said looking at the newspaper.

I am Maya  I moved to America to make my dream  come true. But so far no good luck.  Everyone is closed in New York a place of dreams but mine  isn’t coming true. But then something happen  the grand start shaking, I look around people gasping for air. I started  to cock  I fall to the ground,  I could hardly see. The world turned red. I look around, what happened?  

One thought on “100WC #21

  1. Hey Lydia,
    Just had a look at your blog and your 100 word challenge it sounded so great.
    Keep up the good work cant wait to see more great new posts.

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