100 wc #24

I don’t  know tell me “you will have to find the way” Hannah said to me   but i don’t know where and how, can you help me, I ran as fast as i could to find a hole, what? i walk over to see the hole i fall i felt like  Alice and wonderland once i touched the bottom   i look around  i was in the middle of the earth i had to push my way through the earth i was pushing and digging for an hour intil i got to the end i was in Australia, had did i get here!    

Maths Mate S3 T1

Predict: I predict this is going to be about Problem solving

Read: Fill in the missing digits  given that no digit is repeated

clarify: nothing  to clarify

Big question: Fill in the missing digits

2 0 ?

+ 1 ?5

= ? 8 ?

Mathematics toolbox: I have seen a similar problem .

Solve: I solved this question by fill the in the missing box’s

Summary: This question was about problem solving and think of where all the numbers have to go.



100WC #22

As I walk over to the light I stop  what am I doing. I walk over  to someone a ask “where are we”  he just look at me and then keep on walking.So i walk straight   a head  and then  I  herd something “Maya” a then  it got louder “Maya” I look over it  was Hannah . She  was my roommate,  she was in the bushes  I walk over “what are you doing “I said .”Be quiet” she said,so I lock my lip  something going on she said  .what going on  were is everybody going ,you  don’t know  LOOK.

100WC #21

Breaking news! Meetings were held across the world  to find an answer “How could this be true  we  don’t know what to do! THE WORLDS GOING TO END!”

“This is rubbish,” I said looking at the newspaper.

I am Maya  I moved to America to make my dream  come true. But so far no good luck.  Everyone is closed in New York a place of dreams but mine  isn’t coming true. But then something happen  the grand start shaking, I look around people gasping for air. I started  to cock  I fall to the ground,  I could hardly see. The world turned red. I look around, what happened?  

Super spell Results sheet

Spelling skills established one

Spelling skills partially established

3 Letter consonant vowel – consonant words

2 Letter final consonant blends

Initial and final consonant blend in the  word

Spelling skills not established

2 and 3 Initial consonant blends

Consonant diagraphs – Ch, Wh, Sh, Ch, Th

Diagraphs – Consonant blends

Double consonant


Multisyllabic words  (Short vowel sound)