Term 3 Project Proposal

Explorers name: Mark Norman

Explored: Marine Biologist

Why?: We chose Mark Norman because we didn’t know much about him and his job. He also seemed interesting to research since he had found over 150 new species of octopuses.

Questions: Did he plan to find new species of octopuses? What is the most known octopus he has discovered? When did he know that he wanted to be a marine biologist? What was the first octopus he discovered?

Format: Video Biography.

Team: Lilli B, Sozoe and Lydia.

Maths mate sheet 3 Question 24

Predict: I predict this question is about problem solving and adding up numbers.

Read: Towns A to F are to be connected by fibre optics cables along existing roads. Calculate the minimum length of cable required. { Each town must be connected to at least one other town. All distances are in kilometres}

clarify: nothing to clarify

big question: Calculate the kilometres

Mathematicians toolbox: I have seen a similar problem

solve: Add  the following numbers. 20, 58, 17, 40, 52! and you have your answer 187!

Summary: this question was about adding numbers


maths mate sheet 1 problem 22

Predict: I predict this problem will be about division.

Read: Rugby players numbered 1-12 are standing in a circle in a numerical order. They are evenly spaced. What does the player opposite number 3 wear?

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify

Big Question: What does the player opposite number 3 wear?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Find a pattern or a rule.

Solve: So, first I set about drawing a circle , using a ruler to try and get the numbers 1 -12 evenly spaced. Hang on, numbers 1-12 are on a clock! I thought. So, if 1-12 are all evenly spaced on a clock, what is opposite 3 on a clock? 9!!!

Summarize:  My prediction was incorrect, as I didn’t use division, (subtraction, multiplication or addition, actually), I only used my mathematicians toolbox strategy- Find a pattern or a rule.