My body My life reflection

What were the 3 most important thing l ve leant  about my resect skill since completing this project ?

1 of my skill  for research is bibliography. it was the first thing that I thought about .Because  I thought I give  myself a chilling. To add to it and to not fogged falling it in . Another skill was to tack more  notes   when I  was read a  pic of text or jest skimming . The  last skill was note copy thing and  jest but  it in my own words.

how can I improve my group   skill ?

maybe  talk about my ideas ore .I don’t say what or how we could do some. I think I am a little  better shy.

What goals  do I have for  semester two in regaled to my integrated studies ?

Are to spike clearer when pestering or jest specking to the class and not to stubble when I am specking.