“SAVE ALL OF US” what let get to the start of this story. It was the 25/3/13 it was the last week of team 1 ,we have all been waiting for is.  I have made a plan to” work hard play hard”. That means that if I work hard it would come to the last day .That plan work really good. It was the 28/3/13 PS last day I have be doing very good until it happen . I know something like this would .I had to have a email sent but it did not. So then I had the biggest fight with my teacher


I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I got in to angry mood. I had told everyone what I thought about them. I was so mean. I had never thought  I would get  myself into. Will I thought about it “BUT NO” I ha d to destroyed it .Why  you say  I am grad 6. It was my last year .But it was team 1 . I paused  and look around  I was so embarrassing everyone was look at me a laughing .SAVE ALL OF US I said  I think that I will be discus the school . But I was dreaming

2 thoughts on “SAVE ALL OF US

  1. Hi Lydia,
    I love your story and how it all was a darem . you shoul love you work and be happy about it good job

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