Trip By: Lulu Blue

We where walking down the main streets of California but the day was coming to an end. It was my last day in California so we all when back to the hotel and we went to sleep. We woke up and I had to get on plane to London. I have always been wanting to go to London. I have to get one the plane at 9.50am.

I arrived at London and then we went to the 2012 London Olympic Games. It was the best and then we went to Big Ben, we had an amazing time in London. It was the best so far.

By: Lulu Blue <_>



My Diary

Sunday June 16 9.15 am

I work up and rubbed my eyes. I knew that it was going to be a big day for me and my friends. I look over to my phone it was the big day to go to the U.S.A and it was my birthday. I opened my door to go into the living room it was covered with bags from shops and presents. I look over to see my friend in a clown suit because we made a deal if she was a clown I had to be a frog. I saw a bag from a very exensive shop. I jumped all around the presents but that was just the morning.


3 Hours later.

I was packing my bags for my very  last  holidays trip  to the U.S.A. I had been what my whole life and I was no going to let someone or something  to wreck   it.  I got in  to the taxi and we where off to   Melbourne airport .We  had to wait a lest 1 hour in till we had to get on to the plan , We are now  on the plan and flying to the U.S.A.

14 Hours later

It took a list 14 hour  to get here   but  I had Sarah and Molly there and they are my best friend an the cloven  was there to .We  are finally here  and we staying in Paris a place in America


Maths Problem on blog

Predict: what sort of maths problem  do you think it is.

Read : write the question !

Clarify: write the meaning of words or concepts!

Big question : what dose the question mean ?  what did you do to fever  it out?

Mathematical Toolbox : Write which one you used!

Solve : how did you solve it? write the steps !

Summary : summarise what the problem was about  and how you went about solving  it



100 wc #29

I was playing netball on  the cort on 10 of may 2013. On fist half I had to be GK and I was defending I than had a plan in my am because of but it up for so long I than got roband and passed  it to Cindy . I was going good and than 2 half come i become c so i passed to Lilli she tan passed it to Cindy and than me an than to Rebecca and shot it want like this for a  the half

Maths Mate Q.22 Week. 8

Predict: I predict that i will have to put in the missing symbols

Read: Place a +, – or x sign into each box to make the equation correct. 6 _ 8 _ =46.

Clarify: i had no words or phrases to clarify.

Mathematical toolbox: guess, check and improve.

Solve: First i put a x in the fist box because the answer to 6 _ 8 has to equal more than 20. 6×8=48 them i automaticly knew that 48 – 2 = 46.

6 x 6 – 2 = 46

Summary: this question was very easy. i got the answer right! There was a bit of trial and error but overall it was easy.

Daily Dash


I was writing  a story’s from my own experience. The writing process can sometimes be bull, but mostly I make it exciting . “ I am more then just a writer  I am I author” I said in a  graceful  way. So  I want  back  to writing . I have an  interest in poems , drama and adventure. Those kind of books  catch  my eyes I read on and on .It’s more than just story’s I writer they my life I put time a lot of effort . I like my book because  they are exiting and weird but that is what I was going for . I have a goal fro all age groups to  read  my books kids, adults and  older people . I have made  a carrier from writing and I have made  people laugh and smile


I am my own  person . I have  gone through thing no one else has been thought. I am   more than lucky . My life is a story  and it is just beginning  no just fro me  it’s also fro everyone else. So come along  with me fro am adventure

Daily Dash: My Greatest Achievements in the Last Six Weeks at MPPS


One of my greatest achievements over the last six weeks at MPPS was coming sixth in the Fun Run/Cross Country. I beat all of the 12/13 year old girls because Lilly Tye was behind me and she come first out of them all. I was so happy I came sixth and tried. I think I needed to train more to run faster and get less puffed. Sports. I am in Net ball

Another one of my greatest achievements  was mastering and becoming a casting in winter sports . I am in Netball, and we have not won a game yet , but we do score goals a lot. My team is one of the best  teams , as we are very caring for each author and we always bring oranges to games for everyone. Joanne is a big help to our team . she coaches the team and I think we have  great check that when will win atheist one game .


Also ,Maths is one of my best subjects now. We have had a recap on vertical multiplication and rounding to ten . It was a good idea to recap on these things . I learnt about  rounding the closest tens by using the  number to the nearest ten .


In our my body my life . I learnt about how we all grow in to a abut .And we all grow up  defia