Mathematician’s Toolbox

  • Look for and describe with a pattern or rule.
  • Work backwards
  • Make a table or list.
  • Have I seen a similar problem.
  • Guess, check and improve.
  • Find an exception to the rule.
  • Write a sum or number sentence.
  • Draw a diagram or graph.
  • Act it out.
  • Make a model.
  • Break problem into manageable parts.
  • Test all possiblities.

swimming sports

On  wednesday the 13th February 2013. The whole school went to Queens park swimming pool for a swimming carnival. At 9.00 o’clock am all of the 3-6 went to there houses, I am in banks so banks went to 5/6A room.

We spent 30 minutes seeing what events we where in I was in 7 events, so then it was time to go. We walked to the pool and we put are stuff down and then we put our tent up.We got ready for the first event. I was in the next one 100m freestyle , I can 3rd and then i was 100m backstroke and got 1st,  4th in breaststroke, then the relays , we  got 3rd, next relay we got 4th.  We had the cork scabble, then we backed up and walked back to school.

Then we had assembly banks came 1st for 1-2, banks came 1st 3-4, banks came 2nd 5-6.  Then the bell went we all went home, thats was a very good day.