Letter to Liz

About me

Dear Liz,

Hi I am Lydia and I am 10 years old and these are some thing you shod know about me.

I am   bright student   I look for the positive side I love to learn. I love P.E   ( Why ) I am  a big sporter  I  give myself  a challenge to try to win but it not all about the wining I have to try. I love basketball my second sister plays it. I love art to ( Why) I love to be free and  just put it on a piece of paper . I love performing art I love to act and to be so amusing for my talent.  I am good at Maths but not the best .  I like to solve problems.


The things  I  am not the best at are spelling  but last year  Lee Pregnell gave me words to sound out and learn  but I just need a little more practice. Reading I am very good at  but still  need a bit of practice.


Now,  I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 kitten and  1 fish. 2 real sisters and two  stepsister’s  one of them is lilli blade . I live with my mum and sisters in Avondale Heig