Term 4 Maths Project Reflection

Holly, Lilli C , Lilli B and I all worked on designing and creating a new building  to replace  the shipping container on our oval.

We learnt lots of maths. First  we  looked  at measurement. We estimated it’s width and length and then we measured it by using a frame of reference. We used our steps. Finally we measured it with a tape measure.

Then back in the classroom we brainstormed what we’d build there. We chose a greenhouse.

Next we drew some pictures of what it might look like. Then we drew a scaled plan of our building on grid paper. We scales our measurements down, so in real life the container was measured in metres, on our drawing it was in centimetres, so we made a key to tell people that 2cm was eqaul to 1 metre.  Our plan was in bird’s eye view which is when you pretend you are a bird and you look down on the picutre from above.

Finally we used our plan to build our building.

The hard part about building the model was that we all had different opinions on how we should do it, we thought carefully about what we would need, we argued about it, then we realised that didn’t work, so we  all cose a few ideas and put them together,we had to try lots of differnt ways of sticking it together before it would stand up the way we wanted it. Sometimes it’s hard working in a group we all have different ideas, but it’s good because other people have differnt ideas so we had lots of parts to make it interesting.



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